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New Books!

   As always it's been too long since I wrote so here goes. 
   I have two new books coming out. First, 'Federica', a story inspired by the daughter of a wonderful friend. I was lucky enough to work with Groundwood Books, winner of Best Children's Publisher of the Year, North America 2016.
   Also coming in September is 'See What We Eat', - the fourth book in the 'Five Friends' series by Kids Can Press (who just won Best Children's Publisher of the Year, North America 2017.) Guess I'm in pretty good company. 
   I'm happily back home for awhile but already scouting around for a place in Berlin in late summer,fall. Berlin Art Week is amazing and I hope to be able to visit. 

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Madrid, Frankfurt, Berlin!

Time flies when you're on the move. I've settled in Berlin now for a couple of months but last month was an action packed visit to Madrid. For the month of April I rented an amazing flat right in the middle of town. It had a beautiful rooftop deck and I could watch the sunset from my work desk as well.
As usual I'm working while I travel but I have to say this was one of the nicest settings. The weather in Madrid was wet and cold, not that I'm complaining - I was in Spain after all - but it didn't quite fit my expectation of what Spain is meant to be like. On the plus side I could focus on my work and I visited lots of galleries. Although (not being a fan of religion in general) I've seen my full share of Virgin Mary's and Christ on the cross. I wasn't really ready for how religious Spain is. Although the cathedrals are beautiful, especially in Toledo. But art is art and I enjoyed it all. 
After Madrid it was off to Berlin to settle in for a couple of days then up to Frankfurt to see some dear friends. That was a wonderful visit and I'm quite happy to be settling into my flat here in Berlin. I've also started art on a book I began writing here 2 years ago so it's feeling very 'full circle'.
The image I'm posting is from a job I did with Perform Art Studios, a dance school in North Vancouver. Wonderful people who asked me to do a giant window covering. It was quite a departure but I have to say I loved doing it because I could show parts of the north shore and Lonsdale Quay.  Hope it's still up when I get back to Vancouver. If you see it, take a picture and send it!
Ok, time to go collect my bicycle and go for a ride - one of my all time favourite pastimes here in Berlin.

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My House is Alive!

Just dropped into the new KidsBooks store in Vancouver. It looks great, they've moved a couple of blocks along Broadway into a much bigger space. 
A new book I did called My House is Alive! (OwlKids) is just out and I wanted to see if they had it. And they did. I signed a dozen copies - so hopefully somebody will drop by and buy them! 

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It\'s out!

I was very happy to drop by Kids Books in Vancouver to see the great people working there and my new book, P'esk'a!

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I'm very excited to report that 'P'esk'a and the First Salmon Ceremony' is out! This book has been a labour of love.  The story follows P'esk'a through the village of Hiqelem. He races to get a tray to the chief in time for the first salmon ceremony. On the way we learn what life was like 1000 years ago in a First Nations village.
I'm happy to report two more books are in the works - still waiting on contracts so I won't spill the beans just yet. Don't want to jinx anything!

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