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Back Home

    Well lots to catch up on now that I'm back home. Athens was amazing - it's the kind of place most people race through on their way to the islands but it definitely has a lot to offer. I was saying it doesn't reveal it's charms easily - which is a poetic way of saying some of the city isn't too attractive - but when you do find a square or outdoor taverna it's well worth it.  The closer it got to leaving the more I dug in my heels.  I'd go back for sure.
     The Bologna book fair was great too - first time I've visited without having a long list of appointments so I was able to enjoy it and run into people I have come to know over the years. Great hanging out with some good friends from Canadian publishing and of course wonderful to see cafes and restaurants in Bologna.
     Spring is in full bloom in Vancouver and I'm looking forward to a full summer here.
     A couple of books are underway now and I'm looking forward to those.
     Another project with the Sts'Ailes people of Harrison River area is coming to a close.  Look for signs posted along a trail in that area that I designed.  It was great fun to do, not only because I got to work with my talented nephew but I learned so much about history in that area.

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Off to Athens

   Having a bit of a slowdown after Xmas. I'm hoping it's because all the wonderful art directors, editors and publisher I know are gathering steam to get going on the new year and I will soon be inundated with new jobs.
   My agent is working on a possible book deal with Chronicle so I will keep my fingers crossed for that.
   Biggest news right now is that I'll be taking off to Athens for a couple of months.  I was a bit nervous to book this because things are so rough over in Greece but, at the very least, I can spend a bit of money there and help things out. 
   Reading about Athens makes it sound pretty awful but I realize news outlets aren't going to write a story and say how calm Athens is.  Thank goodness for blogs and real accounts.  If nothing else this trip could be a bit more real than my usual getaways.
    Hope everybody's 2013 is full of joy and success and discovery.

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I'm putting the date because this is some kind of record for me - second entry in less than a month!  Now I better think of something to talk about. 
I got my cartoons out today as well so it's been a pretty productive morning. By the way if you're reading this and want to get some cartoons in your emailbox every once in awhile just write and I'll put you on the list. I manage to get them out every couple of months so you certainly don't need to worry about being inundated with them.
Halloween has come and gone and with it some prospects on books I thought might happen.  Some still in the works, some I'll have to move on to another publisher. If you're excited enough about a project it keeps you motivated. 
I could write a whole chapter on motivation - as a freelancer you're always up against that when you're between jobs.  You have to have a pretty big store of it yourself and, almost as helpful, you can rely on other writer and artist friends to keep you on track - either through optimistic thoughts or just plain griping about how tough things are.  And on that cheery note, back to work drawing a series of maps (doing a very cool job about native settlements in B.C.)

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Back from Berlin

Well once again I'm amazed how long it's been since I last wrote. But I guess that's a pattern.  Back home after an amazing 3 months in Berlin. The city is incredible and I hit it at just the right time.  I spent time with two people I love so that was perfect.  Tons of bike riding around the city. It's so great because it's set up for cyclists with separated bike lanes (more bike lanes in Vancouver!) Guess it helps that the city is flat too so it's pretty easy riding.
I happened to be there for Berlin Art Week which was incredible - tons of spaces opened up all around town with the whole range of art to see (from crappiest to brilliant - and that's what makes it fun.)
A book I had finished before going came out - Over at the Rink. Looks like it's doing quite well. I also just found out that my book Follow that Map is now out in Polish and was recently sold to China so I'm looking forward to that translation.
Guess that's it for now. Summer is carrying on here and it's beautiful outside so off I go for a bike ride.

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Sock Monkey Out

My very first Sock Monkey book is coming out soon. Check out to seeHave to love the Sock Monkeys.

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