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I'm very excited to report that 'P'esk'a and the First Salmon Ceremony' is out! This book has been a labour of love.  The story follows P'esk'a through the village of Hiqelem. He races to get a tray to the chief in time for the first salmon ceremony. On the way we learn what life was like 1000 years ago in a First Nations village.
I'm happy to report two more books are in the works - still waiting on contracts so I won't spill the beans just yet. Don't want to jinx anything!

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My House is Alive!

It's been a strange week here in Vancouver with the smoke shrouding so much of the city, humid weather and a wicked fight between a heron and a seagull.  I guess that's life on the west coast. Rain rain rain is what we need!
 I'm pretty excited to be wrapping up my new book called My House is Alive (with OwlKids). It's all about the weird noises we hear in the quiet of the night. Each page starts off with a spooky monster then is followed by an explanation of why the fridge hums and clanks or how come the toilet is gurgling.  Here's a sample. This book was so much fun to do. 

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You Tube Video for Look Where We Live

Getting some great reviews for Look Where We Live and the clever people at Kids Can Press have come out with a nice little video. Have a look:
Looking forward to the Bologna book fair in a couple of weeks. Hope to see some friends there. 

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Reviews are in!

Reviews are starting to come in for 'Look Where We Live!' and they're good! I specially liked Kirkus. You can see it here:
And the CBC has chosen 'Look Where We Live!' as one of their 15 'kids' books to watch out for' in 2015.
Another book I've just finished is called 'P'ésk'a and The First Salmon Ceremony'.  It's out in the fall. The original name was 'Qwuni and The First Salmon Ceremony' but I found out that Qwuni is the wrong dialect for where my story takes place so it had to be changed. It turned out to be a good thing because P'ésk'a means hummingbird. It's a perfect name for the little boy as he runs through the village, poking his nose into everything. I'm really grateful to the Chief of the Sto'lo nation who was kind enough to give his approval to the book - it means a lot to me. 
So that's the latest news - of course there are the usual possible, probable or potential projects that may (or may not) come through - all part of the ever exciting life of a freelancer!

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Time flies

Time does fly by.  I'm back from a 2 month work visit to Hawaii which was, as you can imagine, pretty nice.  Although trying to convince people that life carries on, even in Hawaii, is a challenge.  Not that I'm complaining but there are still deadlines and ideas to come up with. But it is nice to be able to jump in the ocean at the end of the day.
Artwork was completed for 'Look Where We Live' (Kids Can Press), a book about what makes community. That's slated for fall of 2015.  You can take a look at it here:
I'm excited to be putting the finishing touches to 'Qwuni and the First Salmon Ceremony' with Groundwood Books.  This has been an rewarding project because I wrote it based on work my nephew has done in the interior of B.C studying the First Nations people there. The story is about life 1000 years ago in the village of Hiqelem.  I hope I've done it justice.  Thanks to the help of Morgan Ritchie and Chief Willie Charlie it will be coming out soon.
And finally, a third book in the works. called 'What's Behind the Walls' (OwlKids Books), is coming along nicely.  The writing is done and that was a bit of a challenge.  It's non-fiction so you need to get your facts straight but I enjoy the research. Next step is doing the artwork - even though it's mostly done on the computer it still has that feeling of throwing all the crayons on the carpet and diving in.
I had a whirlwind visit to my old home town of Toronto where I was able to see all my friends.  I'm always on the fence about whether I should be living in Toronto or staying in Vancouver. Toronto is clearly the middle of the universe for kids publishing but in Vancouver I can walk out my door and see an otter.  Tough choice!
 There's a great new award for young teen writers that will be starting soon too.  Amy Mathers is an inspiring young woman who is reading her way across Canada (metaphorically that is, she was inspired by Terry Fox).  Check out her website for more info.
I keep on forgetting to mention that I also do cartoons - kind of like what the New Yorker used to do…  I've put a bunch up here if you'd like to see them.
Ok, I think that's it for now.  Hope everyone is happy healthy and creating.

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