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A Month in Hawaii

I don't expect to get a lot of sympathy about this but one of the hard things about spending a month in Hawaii and working on a book is staying in to get it done. When that sun pops up every morning and the sky is bright blue with the sea twinkling in the distance it's all I can do to stop myself from jumping in the car and driving to the beach. But I've devised a plan where I pull the blinds shut and turn on the air conditioner. That way it feels just like Vancouver.  And I wake up early so I really just need to work until noon since that's when Toronto knocks off for the day.
Somehow I'm already halfway through my stay, feels like I just got here. I have been pretty busy but did manage to get some paddle boarding in which is lots of fun. I learned it's actually what surfing used to be until they got rid of the paddle and narrowed the board. So in a way I could say I was surfing... sort of. 
I also joined a great life drawing class.  After talking to a wonderful woman who attends the class (she's a great artist too... tp:// I decided to check it out.  It takes place in the very cool Honolulu Academy of the Arts, a building I always wanted sneak into anyway. So the session was great as was the model.  They have a very nice custom here that we don't do in Vancouver. At the end of each pose everybody claps for the model. Nice.
And to round it out I'm doing yoga which is pretty amazing with the warm breezes blowing in the studio...

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Back Home

     Well lots to catch up on now that I'm back home. Athens was amazing - it's the kind of place most people race through on their way to the islands but it definitely has a lot to offer. I was saying it doesn't reveal it's charms easily - which is a poetic way of saying some of the city isn't too attractive - but when you do find a square or outdoor taverna it's well worth it.  The closer it got to leaving the more I dug in my heels.  I'd go back for sure.
     The Bologna book fair was great too - first time I've visited without having a long list of appointments so I was able to enjoy it and run into people I have come to know over the years. Great hanging out with some good friends from Canadian publishing and of course wonderful to see cafes and restaurants in Bologna.
     Spring is in full bloom in Vancouver and I'm looking forward to a full summer here.
     A couple of books are underway now and I'm looking forward to those.
     Another project with the Sts'Ailes people of Harrison River area is coming to a close.  Look for signs posted along a trail in that area that I designed.  It was great fun to do, not only because I got to work with my talented nephew but I learned so much about history in that area.

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