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New Books!

   As always it's been too long since I wrote so here goes. 
   I have two new books coming out. First, 'Federica', a story inspired by the daughter of a wonderful friend. I was lucky enough to work with Groundwood Books, winner of Best Children's Publisher of the Year, North America 2016.
   Also coming in September is 'See What We Eat', - the fourth book in the 'Five Friends' series by Kids Can Press (who just won Best Children's Publisher of the Year, North America 2017.) Guess I'm in pretty good company. 
   I'm happily back home for awhile but already scouting around for a place in Berlin in late summer,fall. Berlin Art Week is amazing and I hope to be able to visit. 

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Posted on 10 Apr 2017 07:26 by Hilarys
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