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Squirrels in Paris in August

I'm sitting here drawing squirrels in Paris and realized this is the kind of thing I should probably write about. Doing what I do, and being able to travel is pretty amazing and I have to remind myself how lucky I am.
On top of drawing squirrels in Paris I'm staying in an amazing building built in 1901, complete with a separate entrance up the back stairs for the servants and 8' windows in every room. It's  kind of hard to leave and see the sights. But I'm a trooper and I managed to get out and take some pics. 
I had planned to take an actual holiday here - which is something freelancers know very little about. But when it came right down to it I wasn't able to and brought my work gear with me. But to be honest, drawing squirrels in Paris, and getting paid for it is as good as any holiday I can think of. 

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Posted on 15 Aug 2017 10:49 by maodzedun
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Posted on 16 Aug 2017 07:14 by Gracie
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In spite of this, in the close rural areas, there might be heaps of untamed life, for example, deer and wild hog.


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